Democrats Sweep Council Elections

The results are in from the Charlottesville City Council race, and the Democrats have completely dominated the election. David Brown (22.67%), Kendra Hamilton (23.34%), and incumbent Kevin Lynch (21.44%) took the race by a very healthy margin. For the other candidates, there was 10% for Republican Kenneth Jackson, 11.5% for Republican Ann Reineke, and 4.8% for independent Vance High. Write-ins were quite high, presumably consisting primarily people voting for ousted Democrat Meredith Richards, with 5.2% of votes coming in the form of a write-in. Each Democrat received a very similar number of votes in each precinct, with the notable exception of Recreation, where Lynch was 2.5% behind, a district in which a citywide high of 7% of votes were write-ins. 5,339 people voted, resulting in a turnout of 27.8%. The result is that the Democrats have not lost any seats, as many party members feared, and the Republican victory two years ago is starting to look like a fluke. 05/05 Update: Elizabeth Nelson has a story in the Progress summarizing the win.

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