School Boards Approves Naming CPAC After MLK

As a result of the recent efforts to rename the Charlottesville Performing Arts Center after Martin Luther King Jr., the Charlottesville School Board has approved doing so in a unanimous vote, WINA reports. That vote is just a recommendation, though — the matter will be taken up by City Council on Monday night. 04/06 Update: The Progress reports that Council approved the name change — CPAC is now “Martin Luther King Jr. Performing Arts Center of Charlottesville.”

7 thoughts on “School Boards Approves Naming CPAC After MLK”

  1. If they DIDN’T vote MLK, then Cville would be listed as 1# racist city in some papers. Then we couldn’t get Super Bowl.

    Personnally, I don’t care either way.

  2. rosa parks street. since she was another civil rights activist who has absolutely no ties whatsoever to charlottesville.

    hell, why didn’t they name that new traffic light on high st. the "martin luther king jr. memorial traffic signal"? seems to me, if you’re going to name something in honor of someone, it should be something that remotely relates to that person or something they did. as i recall, MLK was a great speaker, but not much of an actor.

  3. it is something i have heard a few times where it is called ‘reversed racism’.

    I did mention the Super Bowl thing. As I recall the city of Phoenix voted to not make MLK a paid holiday for city workers. They didn’t againist acknowledging the holiday, they just said it shouldn’t be a paid holiday for city workers. And everyone got up and arms about that. They were calling the state of Arizona the biggest racist state. And the NFL changed their plans to have a Super Bowl there.

    I just surpise that CVille the trend setter the town that is SOOOOO unique and diverse would follow the steps of so many towns and tag a building with MLK and a street after Parks in the name of PC.

    Seriously, shouldn’t we be naming the performing arts center after oh I don’t know someone who is a artist. Heck didn’t ol’ Dave Matthews have a big part in this center. Isn’t he a famous Cville guy who happens to be a ‘artist’.

    Like I said before, if it makes your bleeding heart happy to name this the MLK then who cares? I just worry about the day we have to change the name of ‘Seminole Trail" because we might offend the native americans. I have business cards that I would have to reprint.

  4. Wouldn’t it have been cool to have named the CPAC after Drewary Brown, a local civil rights activist? He was an amazing man, grew up in and around Charlottesville, instrumental in changing racial attitudes here in town.

    I think it is great that the CPAC is going to honor MLK, but I think it would have been even better if we honored Drewary with it.

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