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New Book: C’ville is the #1 Place to Live

daniellevi writes: According to a new book out today, Charlottesville is the #1 place in the U.S. to live. See the article from USA Today.

Just behind us are Santa Fe, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Honolulu. Ashville, a town often compared to Charlottesville, ranks #8.

Ex-Deputy Shifflett’s Files to be Opened

We all remember Deputy Shiflett: he claimed to have been shot by a black man, had a couple of guys taken into custody, his story didn’t add up, he resigned, Sheriff Ed Robb put his foot in his mouth, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos refused to charge Shiflett, the Progress went after Camblos’ inconsistencies, Camblos didn’t do jack to investigate the case, and the two black guys filed suit for false arrest. (Phew.) Now, Judge Paul Peatross has ordered that the files pertaining to the investigation into Shiflett be opened up, not for public scrutiny, but for the attorneys on either side of the lawsuits. Investigators are now saying that they have two theories: either Shiflett shot himself (or made it look like he’d shot himself), or somebody else shot him and Shiflett is covering it up. Liesel Nowack has the story in today’s Progress.

Police Continue Serial Rapist DNA Hunt

For months now, the Charlottesville Police have been pushing black men in Charlottesville to submit to DNA tests, ostensibly to eliminate potential suspects in the serial repist case. Suspects are told that they are protecting themselves by submitting to the test, because it rules them out. 550 have done so thus far. UVa Dean of African-American Affairs Rick Turner has grown unhappy with these DNA tests, and is calling for a meeting to talk this through. Last August, UVa student Steven Turner wrote about his subjection to this test in The Hook. Corinne Shamy has the story in today’s Cavalier Daily.

Massive Dominion Power screw-up?

dsewell writes: Recently, Dominion Virginia Power made adjustments to their billing schedule, so the most recent March bills that went out were for an extended period. In my case, the bill was for a 41-day period and based on an estimated read… and the charge was for well over $300, whereas I’ve never had an electric bill over $200 in any month. So I checked the electric meter and found that the bill was based on an estimated reading of about 1000 kW/hr more than my actual usage. I phoned Dominion and they said they’d adjust the bill. Today at work I casually mentioned this, and it turned out that two co-workers living in entirely different parts of the county had the same experience with their last bill. How widespread is this? Did everyone get overcharged?

City Council Candidate Forum

Paul writes: There was a forum for all the city council candidates on March 18th. It really gave everyone in the room a good sense of who the candidates are, but the news reports are pretty bland. The best coverage was the Progress. Was anyone else there and want to give their impression?



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