Ex-Deputy Shifflett’s Files to be Opened

We all remember Deputy Shiflett: he claimed to have been shot by a black man, had a couple of guys taken into custody, his story didn’t add up, he resigned, Sheriff Ed Robb put his foot in his mouth, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos refused to charge Shiflett, the Progress went after Camblos’ inconsistencies, Camblos didn’t do jack to investigate the case, and the two black guys filed suit for false arrest. (Phew.) Now, Judge Paul Peatross has ordered that the files pertaining to the investigation into Shiflett be opened up, not for public scrutiny, but for the attorneys on either side of the lawsuits. Investigators are now saying that they have two theories: either Shiflett shot himself (or made it look like he’d shot himself), or somebody else shot him and Shiflett is covering it up. Liesel Nowack has the story in today’s Progress.

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