Massive Dominion Power screw-up?

dsewell writes: Recently, Dominion Virginia Power made adjustments to their billing schedule, so the most recent March bills that went out were for an extended period. In my case, the bill was for a 41-day period and based on an estimated read… and the charge was for well over $300, whereas I’ve never had an electric bill over $200 in any month. So I checked the electric meter and found that the bill was based on an estimated reading of about 1000 kW/hr more than my actual usage. I phoned Dominion and they said they’d adjust the bill. Today at work I casually mentioned this, and it turned out that two co-workers living in entirely different parts of the county had the same experience with their last bill. How widespread is this? Did everyone get overcharged?

One thought on “Massive Dominion Power screw-up?”

  1. Dominion profits were way down this year . Perhaps their fiscal year ends 30 June and it might look better if billings increased for April May and June (presume billings for March accrue to April-date of payment) the 4th quarter. Merely speculation. I`m not familiar with their accounting methods or cycles.

    I believe they forecasted this might happen when they did some kind of "system changeover". My bill was about as yours and about the same increase. I expect it was a planned operation not a "screwup" (from their perspective).

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