Fridays After 5 Free Again

One year after Fridays After 5 became a paid event, they’re reverting to being free of charge. This comes after the Charlottesville Downtown Foundation, the organization that runs Fridays After 5, lost two thirds of its sponsorship budget from Virginia State Lottery (had its budget cut), Adelphia Cable (declared bankruptcy, in serious legal trouble), SunCom (slackers?) and Technicolor (fired 750 people, moved to Guadalajara). It didn’t help any that it seemed to rain mightily last summer, but only on Fridays — a third of the year’s concerts were rained out. The organization intends to return to featuring local acts, the city has agreed to lower their usage fees, and things are a bit cloudy beyond that, because of the planned extension of the east end of the Downtown Mall. Lisa Provence has the story in this week’s Hook, and Liz Nelson has the story in yesterday’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Fridays After 5 Free Again”

  1. interesting, well I guess with the ecomony on the downside the last few years, the great idea of charging FAF5 wasn’t such a good idea.

    As for you comments on the sponsors, well again a budget tight ecomony these companies have to take a look at what they can shell out for these events. VSA had a budget cut so I guess they can’t sponsor it. Adelphia needs to restructure their company, well they got the cable monoploy in Cville so who cares. SunCom, hummm with everyone and their mothers having cell phones, I guess they just want to save. And I don’t think Technicolor that doesn’t have a local pressence would want to sponsor this event. Gosh darn, who does that leave. Is there ANY more BIG EMPLOYERS that CVille likes. Everyone is relocating which gives me a big WTF. Maybe we can get Target. NO NO NO NO they are wayyyyyyyyy at there in Greene County next year. And I take my bike to them.

  2. That is great that FAF is free again this year. Hopefully this reflects a change of heart on the part of the organizers and not a transition period during construction.

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