ELF Attacks Hollymead Center

A couple of weeks ago, the much-debated Hollymead Town Center project, a huge shopping center under development in Hollymead (which is not, in fact, a town) was the victim of some $30,000 in vandalism. But it wasn’t your regular vandalism — the perps left a banner reading “Your construction = long-term destruction — ELF.” The Earth Liberation Front describes themselves as “an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the destruction of the natural environment.” They estimate that they’ve done $100M in damage to those businesses who “profit from the destruction of life and the planet.” ELF issued a press release taking credit for the attack, describing the action as “part of the ELF’s ongoing actions against large-scale developments going up at the expense of what little green space is left in North America.” Lisa Provence has the story in The Hook.

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