City Upgrading Computer System

Charlottesville plans to upgrade its 20-year-old computer system to a unified SAP-based structure, in an effort to streamline processes within the city and make it easier for the public to interact with the city on-line. Within the next year, they intend to offer the sort of web-based services that Boston does, and the plan is to have everything integrated within 2-3 years. CityLinks, as they’re calling the system, will cost $6.6M, and is being paid for entirely out of city coffers. Elizabeth Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

5 Responses to “City Upgrading Computer System”

  • IamDaMan3 says:

    eh, people don’t know how to use their computers. They are all morons in cville so again Cville officals what a waste.

  • Lars says:

    Yeah, that is a lot of money. What exactly are they buying? Salary for people to install it? Hardware? Software? How could anything cost that much?

    Someone is pocketing 6 million bucks, and not giving us very much for it. You can run a small software company for several years for that kind of money.

  • IamDaMan3 says:

    good point!

    I think what is happening is that the city found some outside firm to install those computers and to maintain it. However this computer is most likely using the cheap throwaway Dells you see on TV. And they charging up the creek for their service which we all know nowadays their support is most likely outsource to Indo-China. So someone got richer with this deal.

    Go Cville!

  • Belle says:

    I’m waiting — and hoping — that Waldo will write an undergraduate thesis demonstrating how many millions could be saved with wise choices in municipal outlays for technology, and how these wise choices might make for better democratic governance and reduced costs (and therefore taxes), and use all of this in a juggernaut campaign for Council.

    [Sorry, Waldo, I’ve shown my cards.]

  • rickm says:

    Last fall we "had" to buy 3 million in EMC hardware, hardware that won’t work here. So it’s sitting out on the floor plugged in.

    I wonder how burned they’ll get on this deal and why they couldn’t have their own IT people create something?

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