14 thoughts on “2003 in Review”

  1. Evidently the same mysterious guy who attacked Ms. Lundy just in time to get her elected, flew to California and roughed up Michael Jackson, just in time for his trial.

    Whoever you are–Al Sharpton wants your phone number.

  2. Waldo will respond by saying, "school is hard work, I get no sleep, the Holidays have fatigued me, etc etc etc "- about what I would say I guess.

  3. I predict that a new town will be formed and it will be called North Charlottesville. Its city limits will go from the Holiday Inn all the way up to the Airport. This anger everyone in Old Charlottesville who would prefer everyone to ride the bus or take a bike or go to the museums. They will be mad that North Charlottesville will cater to the ‘realists’ and not the wishful thinkers that Old Charlottesville has.

  4. I didn’t go but did they take the great idea from FFA5 about charging a arm and leg to attend.

  5. You left out "cvillenews.com remains relevant."

    When the earthquake(s) struck, this was one of the first sites I visited. When I read an interesting story in The Hook, I looked here to see if it had been discussed (your homeschooling blurb passed without notice). And when I heard interesting news, I wondered if it merited posting on cvillenews.com.

    Not bad for a local news site that has a webmaster that’s out of town, eh?

  6. North Charlottesville?………how about Trafficville or Pavementville or Parkinglotville….

  7. one of my comments re: the racism protest at the hospital from cvillenews.com made it into the hook story about the same. although they didn’t give me credit. bastards! how dare they forsake the good name of blanco nino!!!???

  8. I predict something totally earthshaking will occur in local politics and the spin therefrom will be revolvolutionary (my word).

  9. That reminds me…I drove through Cville before Christmas on my way up to Ohio. During the obligatory stop at Bodo’s, I picked up a copy of the Hook and saw the blurb about Waldo. Waldo, no offense to your family, but I have a hard time believing your sister was reading at the age of 7 months (especially now that I’ve got an 8-month old of my own). If she was reading, she must have been talking too, right? Or how would you know she was reading? And what exactly was she reading? I’m prepared to be convinced, but it simply beggars belief.

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