ACAC to Move, Expand Downtown Location

Local fitness club ACAC intends to relocate and expand their downtown location, which a project that they’ve had in the works for a couple of years. Currently located in rather cramped quarters in the Water Street parking garage, owner Phil Wendel is negotiating a deal with Coran Capshaw, who owns the old Ivy Industries building on Garrett Street. The existing location is just 10,000 square feet (considerably smaller than their 64,000 square foot state-of-the-art Rio Hill location), but their new location will be 35,000 square feet, featuring a pool, racquetball courts, an indoor track and space for some tenants. There had been talk of ACAC moving up to Pantops, apparently in hopes of being more accessible to commuters coming in from 64, but obviously ACAC thought better of that. The new location, if all goes according to plan, will open in early 2005. Elizabeth Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

20 thoughts on “ACAC to Move, Expand Downtown Location”

  1. Great for Wendel and the community.

    It is unfortunate the expansion couldn`t have been to Pantops to help eliminate that eyesore called a shopping center. What were "they" thinking when that was approved.


    ACAC is overprice and only cater for the elite rich snobs. Us common folks need to take out a 2nd mortage to be a member at that place.

  3. Could you imagine explaining a fitness club to someone from 100 years ago?

    "Well you see we pay them to let us do hard physical labor"

    You pay THEM?

  4. I think you’re confusing ACAC with Farmington County Club. ACAC is populated with hard-working, regular folks who make other sacrifices in their lives so they can maintain good physical fitness.

  5. Well, at least the elite rich snobs care. I thought we were all rich and elite here at…you’re saying you’re not?

  6. My only comment is that ACAC’s membership is WAYYYY too high. You have to sign a 12 month agreeable. So if you are just here for the summer, too bad you can’t go to ACAC.

  7. I’m not sure I’ve ever agreed with IamDaMan3, but I’ll have to stick up for him here.

    ACAC is hugely expensive, unless you’re lucky enough to have a membership through your employer or something. I haven’t priced them lately, but they’re way out of a lot of people’s price range.

  8. I’ve thought about that too: "Yeah, there are these machines that let me pretend like I’m liftng things or running in place…"

    I’m lucky to have a membership at the UVa facilities thru my wife, and I love going to the gym, but it’s a very odd concept.

  9. While I think it is erroneous to call all members of the ACAC rich, elitest snobs all because they belong to a rather pricey gym, I do have to agree that the ACAC is extremely overpriced. I have belonged to quite a few gyms in my life time and I would never even consider paying a $200 initiation fee and then $67/month. The best part is those are prices for the corporate discount my company offers, I have no idea what the full price would be.

  10. Perhaps you should get off your chair and start making a real living like the rest of us and then you might be able to afford ACAC.

    But then again, continuing to enable the myth that ACAC is overpriced ensures that you stay fat, pastie yellow and over-ripe along with all your other less than natty friends.

  11. hummm, can we say: Gold Gym

    I work out there 5 times a week. And yes I do make a good living. I just choose to spend my money wisely like my brand new 2004 SUV that will be gassling gas.

  12. "Perhaps you should get off your chair and start making a real living like the rest of us and then you might be able to afford ACAC. "

    and with a statement like that, I can’t wait to be part of your "fat" white rich club. Let me save my money.

  13. It’s a shame that you’re making a new SUV go to waste as a member of Gold’s. If you really want to flaunt the bucks and muscle ACAC is the only way to go. Besides – all the hot chicks are at ACAC while you’re hanging with the drug supplimented muscle heads.

    You should give me – your new SUV. I’ll make good use of it at ACAC and fill it with hot young chicks. I might even let you ride along too.

  14. What does Waldo know? He’s become a hokie and has quite possibly damaged his brain cells in his moving to Blacksburg.

    However I can see you appreciate a sense of humor. Now about that new SUV…

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