Supervisors hearing footsteps?

Acountyguy writes: After two Republicans, Boyd and Wyant, were elected to the board of supervsiors, the next day the Daily Progress had a story that Dennis Rooker wants to look at cutting property taxes rate by 2 cents in preparation for next year’s budget. Sally Thomas and David Bowerman voted no. Rooker states that real estate values have increased enough (10%) to warrant a reduction in the real property. Is this heartfelt, or the start of the 2005 race for supervisors?

2 thoughts on “Supervisors hearing footsteps?”

  1. This is a start of 2005 race for the board of supervisors. i think that these races will be very inresting when it comes. i think that there may be some upsets in those races. well got to go. talk to you soon.


  2. After this year’s property tax fiasco (ridiculous assessment increases), and the resulting increase in revenues that actually exceeded projections, I would think that a tax rollback is something the voters in Albemarle County would expect, and any Supervisors who oppose it do so clearly at their own political risk.

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