Supervisors hearing footsteps?

Acountyguy writes: After two Republicans, Boyd and Wyant, were elected to the board of supervsiors, the next day the Daily Progress had a story that Dennis Rooker wants to look at cutting property taxes rate by 2 cents in preparation for next year’s budget. Sally Thomas and David Bowerman voted no. Rooker states that real estate values have increased enough (10%) to warrant a reduction in the real property. Is this heartfelt, or the start of the 2005 race for supervisors?

2 Responses to “Supervisors hearing footsteps?”

  • This is a start of 2005 race for the board of supervisors. i think that these races will be very inresting when it comes. i think that there may be some upsets in those races. well got to go. talk to you soon.


  • After this year’s property tax fiasco (ridiculous assessment increases), and the resulting increase in revenues that actually exceeded projections, I would think that a tax rollback is something the voters in Albemarle County would expect, and any Supervisors who oppose it do so clearly at their own political risk.

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