PVCC Has Become Younger and Whiter

A study of their enrollment by Piedmont Virginia Community College has shown that enrollment by blacks has fallen by 13.6% in the past year and that 43% of the student body is under the age of 22, which is apparently a greater percentage than previously. The reasons for these changes aren’t clear, although the weakened economy and the skyrocketing cost of college education has led many students to enroll in a community college for two years before transferring to a four-year institution, which may explain the age shift. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “PVCC Has Become Younger and Whiter”

  1. I want to know if black enrollment has dropped in real numbers, or as a percentage of the student body as a whole. If black students did comprise 20% of the student body, and now they only comprise 17.28% due to a climb in white enrollment, that would be a 13.6% drop, but it wouldn’t mean that there were less black students, only more white students, which wouldn’t be cause for alarm.

    On the other hand, if annual enrollment previously included 1,500 black students, and that number has dropped by 13.6% to 1,296, that would be cause for concern.

  2. Okay lets see, some of the following are the reason why PVCC has more whites enrolling:

    1) More Whites are enrolling

    2) Less Blacks are enrolling

    3) More Whites are enrolling with less Blacks enrolling

    4) PVCC decided to take a racist position and only allow certain Blacks to enorll.

    My wild guess would have to be choice number 1. It isn’t the fault of PVCC that more whites are enrolling. Peidmont is a community college where all you have to do is pay and you are enroll. It would be a waste of time to have "promote black awareness in PVCC".

  3. as a student of piedmont i feel you on that point. there were a college senate election in october. i was the only black person in that race. i lost by ten votes. there were 1 hispanic and three whites in the race. i think that more younger and younger. i have seen more international students at piedmont. the internation students have brought a persective to my life. well got to go. talk to you soon.

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