Best Buy to Get New Intersection, Light on 29N

Belle writes: David Dadurka’s story on last night’s Albemarle Co. BOS meeting reports that electronics retailer Best Buy’s wish for changes to 29N is a fait accompli. Best Buy will get, as their initial construction plan recommended, a new intersection and traffic light on 29N in the space between the 250 Bypass interchange and the Angus Road intersection. Traffic studies by the company and the City suggest the new, lighted Best Buy intersection will not impede traffic. Today’s story reports that County supervisors remain highly skeptical.

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  1. so there will now be three traffic lights in a less than 100 yard stretch through there, at least on the northbound side. that’s going to make getting onto the bypass from the southbound lanes a nightmare.

    but i don’t care. best buy rules!!!

  2. "Traffic studies by the company and the City suggest the new, lighted Best Buy intersection will not impede traffic. "

    What in everlasting Hell does that mean? That it won`t slow traffic, maybe one need not stop? My dictionary says:

    "impede: to interfere with or slow the progress of"

    This must be one gigantic leap in the future of traffic (read stop/go/caution) light design if it allows traffic to proceed as if the light didn`t exist.

    "County supervisors remain highly skeptical."

    Ye Gods and little fishes, I would certainly think the supervisors need clinical help if they weren`t skeptical (highly, lowly, or whatever).

    If an organization told me that a traffic light won`t impede traffic I`d fire them out of hand.

    As Barnum said "There is one born every minute."

  3. “best buy rules”

    I suppose it does, if you don’t mind buying electronics from clerks who don’t know anything about electronics and paying the same prices you’d pay elsewhere.


  4. What in everlasting Hell does that mean? That it won`t slow traffic, maybe one need not stop? My dictionary says …

    That’s not my word — well, ok, I used it without quotes — but rather comes from the mouth of the City planning director. Dadurka wrote:

    Charlottesville’s planning director, Jim Tolbert, said studies conducted by both Best Buy and the city indicate the intersection and light ‘would not impede traffic.’

    I wonder if this is legalese of some sort. Didn’t UVa, the City and the Lewis Mtn. folks debate in similar terms what sort of impact the new garage would have? Do I remember correctly that VDOT (or is it the DEQ) has some sort of grading system (‘good’, ‘unacceptable’, etc.) for traffic situations?

    [BTW: It looks like many of the relevant Progress and UVaNews links in the old stories are now dead; what a shame.]

  5. Belle- My comment not a criticism of the writer (you) as regards "impede" – I took it as quote from the "officials" and Best Buy people and it really lit my fire.

    It`s like saying "I`ll add to a full cup and it won`t overflow" – Those thinking of surface tension need not apply – although what we have as regards traffic on 29N probably approaches a comparison .


  6. That’ll make Emmett Street have a stoplight on every block. There is one planned for the intersection at Bodo’s, and so that’ll make getting on or off the bypass a lengthy procedure. For what it’s worth, Best Buy does not rule, as it’ll sell roughly the same stuff as Circuit City, and even now you can see its lovely bright blue building on the horizon from a mile away.

  7. like the clerks at circuit city know what the hell they’re talking about? sorry, no dice. if you’re going to rely on a clerk to give you info at ANY electronics store, you’re going to get taken. i do my research on the web, then go in, get what i want, and don’t put up with any B.S. especially when they try to sell me the "extended warranty" for another $100. uh, no. been there, done that…they say it’s a "no hassle return" if it breaks, but i’ve learned better. besides, i do most of my shopping on ebay, but i like browsing in new stores.

  8. From 29News:

    A Charlottesville city councilor is firing back at critics of a planned traffic light on Route 29. Democratic councilor Blake Caravati said today the city is right in its plans and it doesn’t intend to change them. 

    For six months, we’ve known Best Buy is coming to Charlottesville. In fact, outside the store now looks half done but what’s not done is the arguing about traffic here. Blake Caravati stated, “Albemarle Place is 38 times larger than this and will increase traffic ten-fold. This project increases traffic zero-fold”. 

    Whether the Best Buy project increases traffic or not, the city’s traffic easement plans here are still drawing sharp criticism. Mostly because the plans include a new traffic light to be built roughly in front of the Best Buy. The criticism came first in a letter written by the city’s commonwealth transportation representative and more recently from Albemarle leaders. 

    Albemarle Supervisor Dennis Rooker stated, “I was assured there would be no plans for a stoplight there”. But city officials say county leaders did know about the new traffic light since March and city officials say the light, which will go roughly in front of the Best Buy, will be synchronized with the current Angus Road light that’s only a block away. 

    But county leaders still disagree with the city’s view to which Caravati says “It’s an honest difference of opinion I believe as far as I can tell”. Which, for the moment, may be the only thing city and county leaders agree on. Charlottesville leaders plan to meet with the city’s commonwealth transportation board representative early next week. 

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