Albemarle Discovers E-Mail

As a part of Albemarle County’s strengthened emphasis on the use of technology, they have launched a mailing list service, which they call “A-Mail.” They would like to transition from costly postal mailings to e-mail-based notifications, a move that they feel confident in starting, since over 80% of Albemarle residents have Internet access. They are also making a pair of computer terminals available in the county office building for those who don’t have access at home. (Of course, people could also visit any of the country libraries.) David Dadurka had the story in yesterday’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “Albemarle Discovers E-Mail”

  1. hmmm…there are roughly 80,000 people in albemarle county…that means 64,000 of them have internet access at home. that leaves 16,000 people without internet access at home to use the two terminals at the county office building.

    hope you don’t mind long waits! ha!

  2. It would be wise of Albemarle to track registration for their e-mail system based on the physical address at which the registrant resides. Then they can eliminate that address from their mailing list. This is true of nearly any time that a large organization sets up e-mail as a communications protocol: it’s a fine replacement for snail mail for those who want to choose it as a replacement. But it cannot be a sole form of communication when the audience is representative of a broad cross-section of society (in terms of age and income).

  3. I know, they should give free computers to everyone. And the people who dont have electricity, can bring their free computer to the county office building to plug it in there.

    And the people who dont have legs, and cant get to the county office building, will borrow their neighbor’s electricity, provided their neighbor has electricity. Those who have no neighbors, no electricity, and no legs, will recieve a free skateboard, to roll themselves to the county office building.

    Should anyone not recieve the county newsletter, the very fabric of society will crumble, plunging us into a post apocalyptic wasteland.

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