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Bomb Threats Anew

In the spring of 2002, there was an annoying string of bomb threats at UVa, a dozen in total. Particularly given the sense of security that resulted from September 11th, each was taken seriously, with major buildings and surrounding buildings having to be cleared out until they could all be throughly examined. When it didn’t happen at all in the ’02-’03 school year, the hope was that it was probably a student making the calls that had since graduated. But then, last Tuesday, came a call, and Ruffner Hall had to be cleared out. Nearly a week later, nobody has been caught. With a bomb threat protocol in place and a telephone system that makes tracing calls easier, one might think that it would be easy to nab the offender, but apparently not. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

Why Aren’t Power Lines Buried?

After the extended loss of power in the area (which continues for some Central Virginia residents) owing to Hurricane Isabel, an obvious question that comes to mind is that of why our electrical lines aren’t buried. Virginia Dominion Power says that it could cost “several million dollars a mile” to bury utility lines, but others argue that it couldn’t be nearly that cheap. Attorney Lloyd Smith has discovered that Charlottesville’s 1888 franchise agreement requires Dominion Power to bury the lines, if City Council so requests. Who is right isn’t clear, but it’s newly-obvious that something has got to change. Lisa Provence has the story in this week’s Hook.

Open House for the Hurricane

In today’s Daily Progress, Reed Williams has a story about an Earlysville family that made their generator-powered home available to dozens of neighbors during the extended power outage, providing showers, food, coffee, even a big potluck dinner. Did anybody else find that the lack of power resulted in strengthening of community? Anybody have any nice stories?

UVa Students Assaulted on 17th St.

Belle writes: Two UVa students were attacked while walking on 17th St. in the early hours of Sunday morning. One victim heard “confusing” racial remarks and thinks that physical injury, rather than robbery, was the attackers’ intention. Police responded quickly because they were already in the area investigating a “similar” assault. Christopher Jones has the story in today’s Cavalier Daily.

Isabel Leaves C’ville Powerless

24 hours after Hurricane Isabel, Central Virginia is a mess. Outside of immediate downtown Charlottesville and a smattering of places nearby, electricity hasn’t been available for miles around for nearly 12 hours. Looking at Charlottesville from above tonight, it is completely dark, save for a dim glow from Main St. 1.4 million households in Virginia are without power, and Dominion Virginia Power says that the time frame for restoring power is “long-range”. Power crews say that there are hundreds of downed lines and poles in Charlottesville and Albemarle alone. Dominion is describing this as “the worst storm in the company’s 100-year history.” They’ve asked that customers notify them of damage by calling 1-888-667-3000. Of course, nobody in Charlottesville or Albemarle is able to read this, so I’m pretty much just talking to myself here.



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