Open House for the Hurricane

In today’s Daily Progress, Reed Williams has a story about an Earlysville family that made their generator-powered home available to dozens of neighbors during the extended power outage, providing showers, food, coffee, even a big potluck dinner. Did anybody else find that the lack of power resulted in strengthening of community? Anybody have any nice stories?

3 thoughts on “Open House for the Hurricane”

  1. Well, aren’t we an anti-social bunch?

    "I sat at my computer, waiting for the power to come back on so that I could talk about the storm with pseudonymous neighbors on" ;)

  2. Well, in my case, it’s just that we didn’t lose power long enough for anything inspirational to happen. We did talk with our neighbors (especially the lesser prepared ones) and offer assistance. None needed it for the short time that we were without electricity.

    It did provide our family with a lot more "togetherness" time than we usually take. Huddled around the hurricane lamps in the living room, the rest of the house dark, with no TV or computer games.

  3. no power outages except for the flicking on and off of the lights. I live off Rio. The only problem was that we have a dish at our place so we had to watch a few DVD’s on that night. Though our cable internet still work!

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