Camblos Refuses to Charge Shiflett

Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos will not be filing criminal charges against former deputy Steve Shiflett, WINA reports. Shiflett, a deputy hired by Sheriff Edgar Robb, claimed in March that a black man had shot at him, unprovoked, hitting him in the torso and his patrol car. A suspect was detained, but released shortly thereafter. Sheriff Robb declared it to have been a “hate crime,” although he found himself defending Shiflett in early June after the deputy was accused of inventing the whole story. The police opened an investigation, Shiflett resigned, and Robb declared on Monday that he was “ready to put this behind us.” Camblos predictably agreed with Robb, so what happened will likely remain unknown. Results of the ballstics test and a polygraph of Shiflett by the Albemarle police have not been made available. 07/04 Update: Josh Barney and Elizabeth Nelson have a story in today’s Progress.

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