County Creates Sign-Review Panel

Earlier this year, Forest Lakes Arby’s owner Tom Slonaker got awful upset when the county told him that he had way too many signs in front of his store. (See The Hook’s January 30th story for details.) In the months since, he’s somehow managed to make it an issue over the right to fly the American flag in front of his store, and Albemarle has been unsure of what to do about him. Now the county has invited nine local organizations (ranging from the Chamber of Commerce to the Piedmont Environmental Council) to form a committee to review the county’s sign ordinances. In specific, they’ll be looking at the ordinances that address neon signs, vehicles bearing advertising, ads in windows, and flags bearing advertisements and logos. They’ll meet four times, beginning at the end of this month, at the end of which they hope to have revised ordinances for public review. David Dadurka has the story in today’s Progress.

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