Sens. Deeds, Houck Running

Senator Creigh Deeds and Senator Ed Houck have announced that they are running for reelection. Deeds was nominated by the Dems for what’s known as “Emily’s seat” in a special primary in November of 2001, and won by a landslide against Republican Jane Maddux in the special election in December. Houck, also a Democrat, is running for his sixth term. Only Houck faces competition, Republican Robert Stuber of Fredericksburg. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “Sens. Deeds, Houck Running”

  1. we know how the outcome is going to be in the election. deeds will win without any opposition. we know how it’s going down to. A) deeds has a huge base in most of the district. B) He’ll win charlottesville by a huge margin. and it’ll take a mircale to someone to beat him. for all i care he going to have a easy ride to richmond in the fall. well gotta run Law&Order: Crimnal Intent is coming on.

  2. Deeds will win because the GOP carved out insane precinct boundaries to create this seat of Democratic power, thus making it easy for the Republicans to take seats in all of the surrounding districts. (Or so went the theory.) I certainly hope that somebody runs against Creigh, if for no other reason than I hate to see anybody run unopposed.

  3. the truth will come out about creigh deeds. we in the charlottesville area do not want to see another politician just dominate every 2 or 4 years like in the case of mitch van yahres that every year he runs unopposed. now he’s got some running against him. first time since 1997. well got to go. peace.

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