Foxfield May Lose Liquor License

Just a couple of weeks before the big spring event, the ABC doesn’t intend to grant a liquor license to Foxfield, where underage drinking, public drunkeness and disorderly conduct has been an ongoing problem. Reports WVIR: “ABC officials say if that injunction is not granted, Foxfield would be out of options and would not be allowed to have alcohol on its property.” Foxfield president Benjamin Dick is “demanding a special independent investigation targeting ABC board members,” he said in a statement yesterday. This is all particularly baffling given that Foxfield doesn’t appear to need a liquor license, because they do not provide any alchol at the event, although some disagree with that assessment (see comments). An ABC hearing is scheduled for the 15th.

11 thoughts on “Foxfield May Lose Liquor License”

  1. Yeah right, everyone is going to leave their alcohol at home. Suuuure. And the horses will all start singing too.

    I’ve never been to foxfield, but this is the sort of thing that would make me want to down a bottle of tequilla while wearing a pink polo shirt. You know, to pad my resume.

  2. See if you can count how many kids are puking up their guts on the roadside on the drive home?

    Of course Foxfield is upset. If the word get out that ABC refused, then many will think they canot bring EToh and therefore they will….


    90% of the people in attendence go to watch the races like 12 year old boys check out their dads playboy for the interview.


    It’s not as off-topic as it could be, and it makes me feel nostalgic.

    Good day.

  4. From WINA:

    The Foxfield Racing Association is seeking some powerful help in its fight with the A-B-C Board. Foxfield director Patrick Butterfield has written a letter to Senators John Warner and George Allen, Congressman Virgil Goode, and Delegate Rob Bell. In the letter, Butterfield says Foxfield is being treated unfairly by the A-B-C Board which has revoked the event’s A-B-C license. He’s also protesting the fact that an appeal of the action will be heard less than two weeks before the spring race. Butterfield points out that all the lawmakers he’s contacted have attended Foxfield in the past.

  5. Since virtually every Federal Republican legislator elected during the last ten or twenty years has voiced vociferous reservations about the federal government getting involved in local affairs (except when they deem it to be appropriate), it will be interesting to see how Senators Warner and Allen and Representative Goode react to this invitation. Of course, they can always be persuaded with the proper quid pro quo.

    Mr. Butterfield, seemingly on the verge of sheer career panic, may want to be careful what he wishes for. "The Ronald Reagan Races at Foxfield" just doesn’t quite do it for me.

  6. It wouldn’t be the offensive piss-trough surfing bacchanalia it is now, had they prevented the busloads of third-rate-college students from attending a decade ago.

  7. It never fails to amaze me how totally wrongheaded people are. Spud_Boy writes:

    It wouldn’t be the offensive piss-trough surfing bacchanalia it is now, had they prevented the busloads of third-rate-college students from attending a decade ago.

    Why is it a horse race’s responsibility for crappy attitudes? Decency has evaporated. Mores have gone to hell. Are we just going to get rid of everything in the hope of containing decadent people? One privilege after the other, this country is becoming a police state. Drinking, smoking, driving, partying, even copulating are areas we are being regulated to death. Why? Because folks don’t know what is right from what is wrong anymore. Pinocchio’s Conscience is dead.

  8. I’ll bet Benjamin Dick is upset. I heard he was three sheets to the wind when he showed up at WVIR to do the interview.

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