Anti-War March by Public School Students

BetterLife writes: “I observed our local public school students participating in an Anti-War march downtown. These students were obvioulsy exercising their right to free speech, but chose to also shout profanities concerning the war. I respect their right to express themselves but have to wonder: 1. Who approved this march? 2. Did it require parental permission for a child to miss school for this function? 3. What happened to the children that chose not to participate in the function? I am considering scheduling a Pro-War march next monday. Will the students be able to march in this? If not, why? With all the school missed this year because of inclement weather, are our children getting the education they should be getting?”

03/25 Update: Braxton Williams reports in the Daily Progress that the 200 students will receive detention or suspension for their unexcused absence.

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