What’s with the Bucket Guys?

BetterLife writes: I was driving down 29 on Saturday and once again saw those people with orange vests standing on the median strip with 5 gallon buckets soliciting money. They display no signs that explain their charity. I was wondering whether these are the “Will work for food” people who have gone into a more aggressive approach to get cash. I understood after 9/11 when the fire/rescue people were doing it, but to have people doing it regularly should be against the law if it isn’t already. Does anyone know anything about this or whether there is a law preventing it?

8 thoughts on “What’s with the Bucket Guys?”

  1. This doesn’t count as a definitive explanation–but I know I’ve seen the name of a church on the buckets, sometimes. I’ve always assumed that they are members of a local church who have some kind of kid-related program they want to fund.

    I have often wondered, though, how one gets a permit to do this, or if one does get a permit at all–just show up with your buckets and brave the traffic on 29 and Hydraulic?

    honestly, I find I’m more likely to give a buck to the homeless-looking guys on these corners than to the churchies, although the churchies always seem nice and honest.

  2. Isn’t that just the most annoying thing that anyone has come up with in ages? I’d like for this to be illegal even for proper charities. It’s just a bad idea to allow people to wander around through traffic where they could cause an accident.

    On sidewalks and other public places, I respect that freedom of speech protects the right to beg. But highways are a different story. I think that it is totally inappropriate to allow people to walk through lanes of traffic shaking a bucket in front of each driver’s face. Highways are not intended as gathering places or pedestrian areas.

  3. These people are not local. They are from Roanoke VA, where they have a Church. Last summer I spoke with the pastor regarding them soliciting money. He was at 29n and Rio. YES, 29n and Rio the biggest intersection in Va. He had people at each of the traffic lights there at that intersection. He stated how they go all around collecting money for their church. I read recently that these same people in the orange safety vest were in Martinsville Va. However when they were approached by the local News channel 6, they all left the area. Something needs to be done!!! When we see them out in traffic WE NEED TO CALL THE POLICE and let them know they are obstructing traffic.

    By know means am I saying donít support our local churches.

    What Iím saying is the lord said in Luke 14:23 unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

    The lord didnít say go out and beg for money. Because the lord will supply!!!!

  4. It’s interesting to hear that they aren’t local–I had assumed they were. In general, I’d prefer to give my charitable handouts locally rather than to Roanoke–if I had given them money and then found out it was going to Roanoke, I’d be a little pissed. Not because I have anything against Roanoke, but because I’d rather concentrate my $$ in my own community. So now I feel a little more grouchy than before at the thought that these folks are soliciting money from Cvilleans who, very likely, assume they’re from around here.

    29N and Rio is the biggest intersection in all of Virginia? I find that hard to believe….

  5. I’ve also heard the 29/Rio is indeed the largest intersection in VA. It’s like over 1.5 acres or something ridiculously huge for a city intersection. Just look at the darn thing.

    The fact they [these orange-clad beggars] aren’t local just goes to extend my irritation with both them and those that fill their buckets. They advertise no cause whatsoever, as far as I’ve seen. So why the hell would you give them money? They could be buying drugs to pacify cult followers, for all you know.

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