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We’re THESE Many

The site is two years old now, as of Friday. There were 317 stories in the past year (down from 489 in 2001-2002), with the big stories (IMHO) being war, the drought, budget shortfalls, and City Council elections. I think that the theme for the last year would be growth, since that was really the topic of a good third of the heavily-discussed stories. What I’ve long wanted to be is something that it’s more or less become: a place where professional journalists, involved citizens, and the subjects of public scrutiny can all have their voices heard on even footing. But it’s time to reassess, as I think is best to do annually. Is what you want it to be? It’s this mix of news about local stuff that’s worth discussing, news about stuff that big-boy news outlets don’t seem to be covering and news about local media. Is that good? Did requiring registration change things? Do we “rarely [offer] interesting insight or an enlightening point of view? Did you have any other favorite stories? Does any of this matter?

Anti-War Protest on 29 North

Cecil writes: Driving north on 29 this morning (8:45 a.m.) past the shopping center with Giant and Maharajah in it, I noticed on the other side of the street, in front of that large business complex (is it Sperry?), a knot of anti-war protesters and an even LARGER knot of police cruisers and other police vehicles. Anyone know more than that?

Greene Stand-Off

WINA is reporting on-air this morning that there’s a stand-off in progress in Greene County, at the Lowest Price Gas Station in Midway, along Route 33, near Route 29. The man in question is one George Minor, who was chased there by a police officer around 7am this morning. He reportedly killed his girlfriend Monday, his girlfriend’s mother last night, is now holding hostages and apparently making demands. The police presence is escalating, with armored cars and a helicopter now having been brought to the scene. A nearby elementary school has been evacuated, and traffic is no longer permitted to pass on 33. One hostage has been released thus far — a young girl, about a half hour after the stand off started, who bore a note on Minor’s behalf. 11:13am Update: The AP has a story now. They report that Minor is from Culpeper, he’s 38 years old, and confirms that he killed girlfriend Latisha Bolden on Monday. The report makes no mention of Bolden’s mother, and is unclear as to whether there are currently one or two hostages. 2:47pm Update: It’s all over. Just after 1pm, Minor was taken away in an ambulance, a couple of hours after a gunshot was heard — details are pretty unclear from there. The Daily Progress has the story.

Ivy Rd. Garage Plans Finalized

It appears as if the Ivy Road parking garage fight is over — with UVa winning, of course. The university will be paying $1.2MM for area traffic improvements that, when combined with the effects of the parking garage, should provide neither benefit nor drawback when compared to the existing traffic situation at the Ivy and Emmet intersection. Construction should be completed by September. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

Former Detective Robinson Wants Job Back

Former Detective K.W. Robinson, who has been twice fired from the Abemarle County Police Department for beating suspects, wants his job back. Robinson was first fired 11 years ago for kicking a man in the face while arresting him, but had his job reinstated by an appeals board. Then, in August of 2001, he was caught on video tape beating severely (requiring in a broken rib) 21-year-old Corey Faison while Faison was being interrogated. Robinson was convicted of assault in August and fired in September. Then, on Friday, the charges against him were dismissed by substitute Judge James Kulp, who ruled that the attack on Faison was merely “an unlawful touching.” Now, Robinson wants his job back, complaining that “[his] name has been slandered,”and says that he thinks “about those hugs and those letters from those children [he] helped,” and wonders what they think of him now. Liesel Nowack has the story in today’s Daily Progress.



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