We’re THESE Many

The site is two years old now, as of Friday. There were 317 stories in the past year (down from 489 in 2001-2002), with the big stories (IMHO) being war, the drought, budget shortfalls, and City Council elections. I think that the theme for the last year would be growth, since that was really the topic of a good third of the heavily-discussed stories. What I’ve long wanted cvillenews.com to be is something that it’s more or less become: a place where professional journalists, involved citizens, and the subjects of public scrutiny can all have their voices heard on even footing. But it’s time to reassess, as I think is best to do annually. Is cvillenews.com what you want it to be? It’s this mix of news about local stuff that’s worth discussing, news about stuff that big-boy news outlets don’t seem to be covering and news about local media. Is that good? Did requiring registration change things? Do we “rarely [offer] interesting insight or an enlightening point of view? Did you have any other favorite stories? Does any of this matter?

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