Virginia Pep Band For Sale

mom133d writes: The Virginia Pep Band is celebrating “Pep Band Awareness Week” to well, make the UVA and Charlottesville communities aware of everything the band does and the current halftime situation they face. As part of the week, they are selling themselves on eBay here.

The athletic department says that too many people leave during half-time while the pep band is playing, but that featuring guest bands tends to keep people in their seats.

11 thoughts on “Virginia Pep Band For Sale”

  1. This is pretty creative, even for the Pep Band. Kudos!

    As for the halftime situation, I wonder if anybody’s checked to see if more people are remaining in the stadium because re-admittance on a ticket stub is no longer required? I seriously doubt the type of halftime entertainment has anything to do with it. Most people, even alumni, can’t really afford a "halftime ticket" just to be able to run out and have a mixed drink or two. I’ve been to plenty of recent games, and haven’t noticed ANYBODY actually paying attention to the halftime show.

    It is, however, embarrasing to constantly hear the visiting team’s band drowning out the Pep Band every single damn week. That’s a disgrace. For the UNC game, it looked like the Carolina travelling band was larger than the UVA Pep Band.

    Perhaps if the Pep Band got a little more love from the Athletic Department, they’d be able to attract more members. The band was much, much better (not to mention louder) before their program was being censored. A little racy? Yeah, so what. A band doesn’t have to march in formation to be listenable, unlike what some people seem to think. Let them scramble, let them have fun, and watch them grow, get louder, and play better.

    I’m wondering what the Athletic Department pays out for the imported halftime bands – does anybody know? I wonder if they ever compensate the Pep Band for their work?

    Al Groh has brought a lot of energy to the home games – there’s more crowd noise than George ever generated. The Pep Band could THRIVE in this environment. The University should bend over backwards to make this work, not embarrass themselves by bringing in lesser bands.

  2. Current bid: US $20.50


    This is a perfect opportunity to surprise those co-workers, irritate the neighbors, propose to that special someone, fix that squeaky door, or remove those unwanted stains. Fits nicely into Birthday parties, Bar-mitzvahs, bachelor parties, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, dedications, exorcisms, and Iím-sorry-for-running-over-the-dog-get-well-soon-a-thons.

    Mmmmmmmmm prostitute band….

  3. I went to the Penn State game this past year. NO Pep Band. WHAT?! I wonder what the 100,000+ fans thought of the singing of the Good Ol’ Song. No band to support the traveling fans when we score. A real hurt on traveling cheers.

  4. Maybe Va Tech can do us a favor and take the band to Blacksburg, wait a sec. I wouldn’t do that to even our worst rival :P.

  5. The band was supposed to travel to the Penn State game, but the Athletic Department sold their tickets after telling the band earlier in the year that they would travel. Obviously they thought that other fans would be better than a band, so you may direct your comments to, as he decided you didn’t need a band at the game. It was not the pep band’s decision.

  6. the pep band sucks donkey nuts. end of story. get rid of them and get some real damn halftime entertainment. the day they banned leaving at halftime was the second worst day in VA football history. the first being the day some assclown decided to let those orange-vested fruitbats onto the field.


  7. Sucks donkey nuts? Assclown? I haven’t heard insults like those since freshman year in high school.

  8. Frissbee dogs?! Well your valued entertainment opinions rank high with me. Tell me, did you like The Santa Clause 2 ?

  9. As a supporter of the Pep Band I find it irritating that my school will give a second chance to athletes who are accused or found guilty of assault, shoplifting or DUI but continue to punish a few students for a supposedly tasteless joke. These same students who want nothing more than to support their school and their teams, something many of the "fans" can’t be bothered to do if the opponent isn’t good enough or the starting time just right.

  10. Just want to clarify that I am sure the band had no say in the decision to leve the tunes at home. I am most upset by the lack of support by administration on an existing program.

  11. The fans DO NOT WANT the pep band. Response to the pep band is undeniably TEPID at best. The members of the pep band are, undoubtedly (sp?), some of the best supporters of VA’s teams, but, especially at football games, they are not what the other 60,000+ seem to want at halftime.

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