ITT to Leave Town

john_m writes: On Ivy Road, near Boars Head, is the Institute of Textile Technology. ITT is a graduate school entirely funded by the American textile industry, is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of English language textile information in the world, and has been in Charlottesville since 1944. On Friday , it was officially announced that ITT will be leaving town for Raleigh and a partnership w/ NC State. ITT provides a number of decent jobs (including mine) that will be gone sometime next year. This is another example of the decline of the American textile industry that has hammered the southern states and southwest Virginia.

I got a tour of their facilities just a couple of weeks ago, having previously known them only from their sign and building on 250. It was a bit of a shock to discover, after learning all about their beautiful facilities, that they would be departing in just a few months.

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