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Griot Society vs. Cavalier Daily

Prompted by a recent Cavalier Daily column decrying UVa’s Griot Society as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, 400 students recently marched on the Cav. Daily’s offices and convinced the paper to work to represent black interests more fairly. The column, by associate editor Anthony Dick, said that the the black-student-awareness group “fosters racial tension on Grounds” and said that it “seems to advocate racial violence,” concluding that they appear to be “just another hate group.” Explained one of the protesters, “the column was only a symptom of a larger problem. Basically, students for a while now have been pretty fed up with coverage they have received, particularly African-American students.” Wahoo Pundit has some back story on the Cavalier Daily’s coverage of African-American topics. Central to the debate is the fact that the Griot Society’s website says, explaining the colors of the Black Nationalist Flag, “The Red, or the blood, stands as the top of all things. We lost our land through blood; and we cannot gain it except through blood. We must redeem our lives through the blood. Without the shedding of blood there can be no redemption of this race.” Additionally, there are letters galore in the Cavalier Daily. So are the students overreacting, or is Dick way off-base?

County Lifts Car Wash Ban

The Albemarle County Service Authority has lifted their ban on car washes and power washers, WINA reports. The reservoir is now at 76% of capacity, well above the 70% level at which such restrictions were to be reconsidered. The city is reportedly considering removing their similar restrictions. I expect that Henry Weinschenk will be breaking out a bottle of the bubbly soon. :)

Hearing over Foxfield Liquor License

The multi-year Foxfield drinking saga continues, the latest chapter being the hearing regarding whether the ABC should yank their liquor license due to the drunkenness of many attendees. (The running joke, of course, being that UVa students are not aware of any horses being at Foxfield.) Foxfield organizers have made efforts to improve the event’s image over time, but the complaints continue to roll in after each spring and fall race. Given that Foxfield doesn’t actually need a liquor license (since people bring their own alcohol), the purpose of removing their liquor license is somewhat unclear. A ruling is expected by December. Peter Savodnik has the story in today’s Daily Progress.

CHS Students Lament School’s Reputation

In light of some Charlottesville High School students’ violent behavior, it should come as no great surprise that some people have begun to paint the entire school with that reputation. (The two most notable incidents being the gang attack in September and last winter’s unprovoked attacks on UVa students.) Some students believe that the school now has an unfair reputation, and are trying to distance themselves from the criminal element in their school. Ron Hasson has the story in the current Observer.

Judge Dismisses Honor Suit

A U.S. District Judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the University of Virginia by two former UVa students accused of honors violations. The students were one of many accused of cheating on an assignment for professor Louis Bloomfield’s class last year. The two students, known only as John and Jane Doe, graduated a year prior to the accusations, and believe that they should be immune, given that they are no longer students. If found guilty, they would be retroactively expelled. Said the judge, “[the students’] reading of the bylaws would lead to a loophole where, for example, fourth-year students in their final semesters would never be accountable for honor code violations in that semester unless the charges were somehow initiated in the short period before graduation.” Eric Swensen has the story in today’s Progress.



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