CHS Students Lament School’s Reputation

In light of some Charlottesville High School students’ violent behavior, it should come as no great surprise that some people have begun to paint the entire school with that reputation. (The two most notable incidents being the gang attack in September and last winter’s unprovoked attacks on UVa students.) Some students believe that the school now has an unfair reputation, and are trying to distance themselves from the criminal element in their school. Ron Hasson has the story in the current Observer.

5 thoughts on “CHS Students Lament School’s Reputation”

  1. I have warded off several muggings here in rough and tumble La. just by mentioning that I once lived near Charlottesville High. Of course, the fear in the eyes of my assailants could have just as easily stemmed from the sight of my vicious candy cane knives.

  2. Finally some news organization (even if it is the "Idiotic Observer") has covered CHS students opinions. I go there as well, as it’s much better than people think. I would consider myself a target for agressive large low-income people, but in 2 years at the school everyone has been really nice. Our sports teams do well (and the undefeated football team got some press this year, but only for their performance on the field), as well as the academic teams, and only people with access to the school newspaper know anything about it. From what I’ve heard from friends at Western, it’s safer here.

  3. I had never really experienced CHS until one of our kids went there. I am so impressed by the school’s academic reputation, the sports activities, and the overall fine arts programs available to ANYONE! Even County residents. CHS is an opportunity and a valuable resource for our future leaders. All city residents should be proud of the institution.

  4. What a great way to distance yourself from a school, go to the media and tell them who you are and that you attend said school.

    These guys sound a little guilty to me…. I say we lock em up, just to be sure.

  5. I’m a Senior at WAHS, and you don’t know what you’re talking about. I went to CHS for a leadership conference two years ago and saw the guy next to me get an apple thrown at him during lunch in the cafeteria. I know CHS isn’t violent like some people think; I know as a fact that it’s a great school with great people, but it’s not any safer than Western. Our school is the most boring, non-diverse, peace-and-love school on the planet, and I guarantee nobody here throws apples during lunch (except last year when the seniors threw them at the cooling fan, but at least it wasn’t a person). We haven’t had any good fights this year at all!!! In fact, there hasn’t been a good a**-kicking here at Western since my Freshman year when Dom Starsia’s kid got the crap kicked out of him by half the football team. That’s more than CHS can say, they had a gang beating last month.

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