11 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Fined for Watering Plants”

  1. This is funny because of Wal*Mart. They don’t care about anything. They got idiots managers working there. They got money to back them. I think they are going to hold a free car wash just to piss off the county.

  2. $500 is a big fine for such a friendly mom and pop 800 pound gorilla. Last I checked they were worth $226,600,000,000.

    So now they’re only worth $226,599,999,500!

  3. Obviously it’s not the fine itself, it’s the acknowledgment that they were caught combined with the future penalty of losing water altogether.

  4. Who’s wrist gets slapped? Do they actually march the Walton family out and do it so we can see it, or do they just assure us it has been done?

  5. Hey where are them living wage protesters? Maybe we can get them to protest Wally World for doing this. Wait a sec, a boycott AGAINIST Wal Mart. Yeah that would work in a million years.

  6. Turning off their water would result in closing them down. I’m thinking the odds of the county shutting down perhaps the largest sales tax generator in the county are nil. Increased fines, yes, but close them down? Not in a million years.

  7. at least they wouldn’t be tying up traffic on main st. when i’m trying to get home from work. i say send em up 29!

  8. Yeah, rednecks beating their children, old people who have a job just because they dont have anything to do, and protesting tree huggers…. all in one place. this makes a lot of sense to me somehow, but I dont know how. I think I had a dream about this once.

  9. Morons.

    Restaurants use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a day, but they fine a store for watering some plants.

    I hope the county plans to reimburse Wal-Mart for the plants they’ve ordered them to let die.

    Sometimes I think Darwin had it backwards.


  10. I noticed over the weekend that Wally World has portable toliets outside. Man funny stuff.

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