Richards Accused of UVa Mail Abuse

Charlottesville City Councilor and 5th district Congressional hopeful Meredith Richards has been acused of abusing the UVa messenger mail system for promotional purposes. 600 fundraiser invitations were sent to a handpicked list of UVa faculty members via the internal mail system, which UVa mail officials says is an abuse of the intra-school communications system. It appears that Richards may not have been aware of the manner in which the invitations were distributed, and it is not yet known who caused it to occur. Paul Quinlan has the story in today’s Cavalier Daily. Update: Richards’ campaign communication coordinator Dave Sagarin has posted a comment to this story explaining. It seems that the error was made unknowingly by UVa students, but Richards still accepts responsibility, and intends to make restitution, if necessary.

5 thoughts on “Richards Accused of UVa Mail Abuse”

  1. What happened was, the U-Dems got a list from the Richards campaign (culled from various sources, mostly the UVa Directory) and generated a printed invitation, which they intended to hand-deliver to mailboxes. That’s all the campaign knew.

    When they started to deliver the invites, someone told them, "you don’t have to go to all that trouble – there’s a central mail service you can use." So they did. Which was a mistake, and now they know it.

    And since they were doing it on behalf of the Richards campaign, it is ultimately our responsibility, and if there’s restitution to be made, we’ll make it.

  2. I am absolutely delighted to see a campaign immediately explain a snafu clearly and at the end of the explanation say: but we’re still responsible.

    Makes me more inclined than ever to give my vote to Meredith Richards…

  3. Well done, particularly the acceptance of responsibility. To parrot Elizabeth, it’s not often that such an error on behalf of a political campaign is so quickly explained in such a simple fashion along with acceptance of responsibility.

  4. Cheers, Dave, and Three Cheers to Meredith, who always has been a woman of conscience. And even though I support the "other guy" in this political race, I have the utmost respect, and always have, for Ms. Richards. It’s so great just to know how blessed Charlottesville has been to have such honest and forthright politicians. Congress should take a lesson from our little burg.

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