7 thoughts on “Story on Billy Dean’s Falling Death”

  1. I dont think the story was implying that he was climbing on the building friday night.

    We simply dont know, but if he started climbing up the front face of the building, someone would have surely seen him. Whenever I climb buildings downtown, someone immedietly comes to cheer me on, or insist that I come down. Everyone has an opinion.

    Also, there is a STAIRCASE to the roof of that building, I dont see how anyone would climb the face of the building with such an easy route up in back.

  2. <blockquote>On the night of his death, Billy’s grandmother, Dorothy Dean, says the teen had misplaced the key to his third-floor apartment, just above the dance studio something that had happened before. He reportedly told some kids on the Mall, "I know how to get in," and was then seen climbing up the back of the building.

    "He had gotten in through a skylight on another occasion," says his father, Terry, who believes Billy thought he could enter an apartment window via the roof, which is approximately 40 feet above the Mall. </blockquote>

    Doesn’t that sound like he misplaced his keys and climbed up to get in? I don’t know if this means that is what he was doing when he fell, but it sure reads as if this happened that night at least.

  3. No, you didn’t misread the quote. That’s the impression that the Hook story leaves–that he must have been trying to climb into a window.

  4. oooooh, climbing DOWN from the roof to a window, gotcha, downclimbing is horribly dangeorus, you simply cant see whats below you.

    That explains why no one saw him climb up. This makes sense. He climbed the stairs, walked across the roof, over the front and fell while trying to get in the window.

    He did NOT jump. That makes perfect sense to me now, Thanks.

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