Further Water Restrictions in Place

After the faint promise of rain failed to materialize this week, even further restrictions are going into place all over Central Virginia to attempt to conserve water. Charlottesville schools are turning off the sinks in bathrooms and raising the building temperature. Albemarle restrictions have moved into phase two, shutting down car washes, watering of athletic fields, increasing the cost of water and putting harsher fines into place. The Albemarle Service Authority may meet again as early as Tuesday to discuss phase three restrictions. Orange, who already has the strictest regulations in the area (three-minute shower limits, no A/C in schools, paper plates in restaurants) is making swift progress on repairing their water-intake site. Peter Savodnik has a story in the Progress detailing the penalties in Albemarle and Charlottesville for violating water-usage regulations, the harshest being Charlottesville’s one-year jail sentence for three-time violators. In an oddly schizophrenic pair of lead editorials, The Cavalier Daily declares that UVa’s water restrictions have no teeth, because they won’t “hit [students] where it counts: the wallet,” and then laments that the new water pricing is really going to hit students in the wallet. In an e-mail to all UVa faculty, staff and students on Thursday, UVa’s Vice President for Management and Budget indicates that the university will work to conserve energy via “serious steps” in order to cut down on the UVa power plant’s water usage. Water levels in the reservoirs are at 56.4%, and continue to drop by 0.6% every day. 09/20 Update: Also, The Hook reports that The Moormans River has ceased to exist.

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