A Charlottesville Recipe Book?

Hoo2LA writes: I found myself in a conversation with several other ex-Charlottesvillians just the other day and we discovered that one of the things we all really miss, surprisingly, was the food. It was suggested that someone should get together a Charlottesville recipes book. So, supposing that someone did travel about Charlottesville soliciting recipes, what would you all think has to make it in there?

We let our decisions be guided by the taste of the food, theoretical ease of preparation (hence, no Crozet pizza, given lack of pizza ovens in regular kitchens) and nostalgic value.

To get you started:

  • Crab Cakes at Martha’s

  • The sides – baked beans and potato salad – at Blue Ridge Pig

  • The wings (particularly Honey Habenero) at Maarten’s

  • The Hash BBQ at Big Jim’s

    (I apologize for the UVA focus, but we were students. Of course, feel free to expand our horizons.)

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