Attack Ringleader Convicted Again, Faces Sentence Review

Belle writes: The male ‘ringleader’ who was convicted of multiple felonies for his role in the series of attacks on local college students and sentenced to house arrest was convicted yesterday of a probation violation. The Juvenile Court judge will revisit his sentencing on August 27. Adrienne Schwisow has the story in today’s Progress.

Belle actually submitted this yesterday, but I was out and about for my birthday yesterday and didn’t see it until today. Sorry about that.

8 thoughts on “Attack Ringleader Convicted Again, Faces Sentence Review”

  1. One of the bits from the article which disgusts me the most is the news about the court raining on the perp’s vacation plans:

    What else can you say?:

    Umm, mister multiple-felon, one of your victims is due any day now for yet another round of facial reconstruction surgery, to repair injuries sustained when you and your gang used a club to beat him to a bloody pulp on the night of Jan 12th — and here you are, disappointed that your own irresponsibility to abide by the minimal conditions of your house arrest has now ruined your holiday plans?!

    Any legal eagles (real or imagined) here know what might happen on the 27th, when the judge takes another look at this case?

    Please let this piece of garbage be locked up for so long as it takes him to realize the full damage he’s done to his victims and to our community.

  2. i am a victim of this young man in particular and can say that this is not the least bit shocking considering the light punishment these kids were given. is anyone actually suprised? does anyone actually think this is the first time he violated house arrest? he was given a slap on the wrist- so he thinks his crime was as minor as the punishment was. he obviously is taking it lightly if he thinks he can go on a vacation. at court, i honestly did not think his mother seemed like she was going to enforce his punishment and not only has she not enforced it, but by sending him to get medicine,she encouraged him to break it. maybe the court system will wake up and realize that these slaps on the wrist aren’t working

  3. Hold on one red hot minute: I thought "restorative justice" was supposed to take care of all this.

  4. i am a victim of this young man in particular

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Even from the way you write in the present tense (i.e., ‘I am‘ rather than ‘I was‘) it is evident that not all wounds have healed.

    If you are unhappy with the results of the Juvenile Court, I’ll suggest that you take it to civil courts to seek damages. Find a victims’ rights organization, a personal injuries lawyer, or do it yourself if that’s what you want. Perhaps you would want to contact other victims of this violent (and apparently woman-hating and white-hating) thug.

    I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that if this felon and his (repsonsible) guardian have enough disposable income for a out-of-state summer vacation, they have enough money to convey to you and your fellow victims. And if the thug doesn’t have the money now, he will when/if he finds jobs over the course of his working life. Previously, there had been mention made in the press about some of the victims pursuing such legal recourse.

    No need to reply to any of this unsolicited public advice, of course.

  5. Thanks, Lafe. :) It was fun. I took my first-ever flying lesson at the airport ($25 for an introductory half-hour!), took a nice long ride on my motorcycle and went to a great DMB concert up at Nissan Pavilion. Not a bad day at all.

  6. Might I suggest you try the Glider club in Waynesboro? They provide a whole day of glider instruction for what you spent on a half hour of single engine.

  7. i agree will Belle. take him and his mother to civil court. according to the article, he only stays out of jail if he goes to college (WTF is up with that, anyway???). well, if you sue them, he can’t afford college, so it’s off to the pokey for him. where he deserved to wind up in the first place!

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