Pandora’s Box to Open at Ivy Rd. and Emmet St

Belle writes: The Lewis Mountain Neighborhood Association has filed a petition with the Commonwealth’s DEQ, calling for a delay in this month’s planned ground-breaking for UVa’s Ivy Rd. parking garage until more study can be made on the traffic impact in the area of Ivy Rd. and Emmet St. As Eric Swensen’s story in today’s Progress illustrates, discussion of traffic there opens a Pandora’s Box of controversial issues, including: the proposed Northern Connector, access to the Arena and the Arts Precinct, the VDOT gag order, and strained relations between the City, the County Board of Supervisors, and the University. (One interesting point Swensen missed is that the University has just purchased the (current) gas station property Ivy and Emmet, which might just come in handy should they want to upgrade that intersection.)

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