Johnson Gets 10 Years for Rape

Former UVa Medical Center employee Rudolph Johnson, after pleading guilty last March to sexually assaulting two psychiatric patients in their hospital beds, has been sentenced to ten years in prison. After the assaults in the spring of last year, the hospital fired nine employees that had been convicted of felonies in the past, touching off protests against the firings before they ultimately settled with the fired workers. The assaults also prompted investigations into the psych. ward by Medicare, which were ultimately resolved. Adrienne Schwisow has the story in today’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Johnson Gets 10 Years for Rape”

  1. Ten years is a short sentence for a double sexual assailant, particularly one who violated vulnerable, incapacitated women in what should a safe place for healing. News reports recount absolutely no mitigating factors. Does anyone know why this guy got off so easily?

  2. Had he been smoking marijuana, they would have thrown away the key.

    This is yet another example of our society’s misplace priorities. The fact that this guy will be out in a couple of years is sickening. The judge who sentenced him for such a short period of time should be ashamed.

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