New Council, New Mayor Tonight

Tonight’s City Council meeting will be the first for newly-inducted Councilor Rob Schilling, and will also result in a new mayor. The mayor, who is elected by Council, serves two years. Our current mayor, Blake Caravati, will turn over the reins to whomever is appointed this evening. It is widely assumed that Councilor Maurice Cox, a six-year veteran of Council, will emerge as the new mayor. The meeting, as always, starts at 7:30pm, and will be broadcast on public access.

5 thoughts on “New Council, New Mayor Tonight”

  1. Just by way of a follow-up, I attended tonight’s meeting (the first half hour, anyhow :), and Maurice Cox was elected mayor, Meredith Richards vice mayor. There was no opposition; each took perhaps as much as 30 seconds.

  2. Anyone think that Mooney’s report on his interview with Mayor Cox was a bit “soft”?

    I did.

    I mean, I was looking for some bite, like “Mr. Mayor, you ran on a platform which called for the people of Charlottesville to elect a mayor themselves. You’ve now been put into that preeminent role in a non-contested poll of five votes. Will you use your new position to pursue your former pledge?”

    Or: “Mr. Mayor, you say that you’ll work‘ to ensure this community that projects like the parking garage will never happen again.’. Well the University plans to build another garage for the Arena, another on Nameless Field, another at the hospital, and perhaps one on JPA across from Cabell Hall. How will you, as mayor, tackle the University’s eagerness to bring more cars into the City?”

    Or: “Mr. Mayor, you say that your position as a faculty member AND city leader will make you‘ uniquely poised to form some extremely significant connections between the two.’ What in the hell are you talking about, specifically?!”

    But perhaps this ain’t how politics and press in Charlottesville is played.

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