Break in the Lisk Case?

Cecil writes: There’s a story on the AP Wire about a suspected serial kidnapper who killed himself–there’s a suggestion that he may have been the one responsible for the murders of the Lisk sisters in May 1997.

4 thoughts on “Break in the Lisk Case?”

  1. According to this morning’s Washington Post, authorities now believe this person was responsible for abducting and murdering the Lisk sisters, as well as Sofia Silva (also in Spotsylvania County), plus Alicia Showalter Reynolds (she was the women abducted near Culpeper).

    Big Al

  2. And thatís just in the short time (three or so years) he was in this area. Investigators are now looking at unsolved cases in places (Texas, Georgia . . .) where Evonitz lived.

    Thereís more information here and here.

  3. I hadn’t heard (until reading this) that there was any relation to the Reynolds case. In fact, I remember hearing at the time that authorities had more or less ruled out that the cases were related. I wonder if they seriously think this guy is involved?

  4. Apparently, yes. As you’ve probably heard by now, the reason they think he was involved is that they found scraps of paper in his home with the words “29 North” and “Germanna Road,” which ties in to where she was abducted from and where her body was found.

    It sounds like this guy was involved in a LOT of unsolved abduction/rape/murder cases.

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