Where Are The WVIR Anchors?

betterlife writes: I was curious as to what happened to the following anchors, etc from WVIR: Pedro Echevaria, Carey McCuone (sp), Stacey Horst,

Lonnie Quinn. Now there is some new lady doing the 6:00 news who is doing the job like she is a news [veteran]. Does anyone know anything about her or where she is from?

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  1. I have no idea who she is, but she’s not really very good. My wife and I were reflecting on the whole local TV news issue the other night when we accidentally caught the Harrisonburg ch. 3 news show. What a huge difference – their operation is a lot better than WVIR – it’s huge. I’m thinking the problem here is that Harold Wright just doesn’t want to pay people to work for him. I’ve been acquainted with Harold for years, and he’s a notorious tightwad. This isn’t a bad media market – the demographics here are awesome. However, if the station isn’t willing to pay for decent talent, they aren’t going to get any.

    Furthermore, they totally, TOTALLY blew their Storm Team 29 forecast last night. The crawl mentioned severl T-storm warnings for Greene, Madison, and Culpeper counties, then a flash flood warning for Greene. Meanwhile, my house in western Albemarle county is being pelted for more than 1/2 hour with hail – our front yard looked like it had an inch of snow on it! Thanks for the heads up, Storm Team 29!

  2. Pedro Echevaria, believe it or not, hosts some C-Span show, I think, Washington Journal. Lonnie Quinn is a news reporter/weatherman at station in South Florida. Stacey Horst is a news anchor in Raliegh, NC, and I don’t know about Kerri McCuone. It feels like they never left because the flakes have been replaced with even bigger flakes. And I’m not talking about their storm team coverage.

  3. Kerri, who was probably their best reporter at the time, was working for a local cable-news station in the DC market when last I heard.

    That’s pretty fucked up about Pedro on C-Span, though, huh? The older crowd alwys did like him.

  4. actually, I liked all of them and thought they had great talent. I guess that is why they aren’t here anymore. Lonnie probably didn’t “fit” here because he had a sense of humor and actually didn’t mind cracking jokes on the air. That guy was just plain funny. I’m sure that WVIR is just a stepping stone for quality people.

    I am fed up with “weather first” where they talk about what it did earlier in the day. (hint to WVIR: most of us were here and know what the weather did so why do we care to talk about it?How about talking about what we are looking forward to this evening and the next day..) Also, Mr. Food has got to go. Ok, I have vented and I feel better now..

  5. Furthermore, they totally, TOTALLY blew their Storm Team 29 forecast last night.

    I have to agree with this one.

    In their defense, the weather in these parts is notoriously hard to predict accurately. I was watching the situation from my computer and I thought it was going to pass north of C’ville as well.

    Instead, it grew into a monstrous, slow-moving, southward-heading beast. As it got closer, I decided to watch it approach from the Giant parking lot on Pantops. It’s a great vantage point. The storm was fantastic.

  6. I just want to put in a few lines here in praise of print journalism. I am very glad to be out of the reach of TV journalism as I think they more often than not cover unimportant silly stories and have to do so a set amount every night. With print journalism I can choose what to read, and the front page carries stories like “Drug Firms Giving Big to GOP” instead of TV news’ “A new cholesterol drug COULD help baby boomers ease into retirement”. Yuck. The fact that I can get this quality reporting all day on the internet pretty much seals the deal.

  7. You know about Lonnie’s soap-opera past, right? Do a Google search: In the 80s (90s?) he was on Santa Barbara and, I think, Days of Our Lives. I heard there was even a video floating around of him on Hollywood Squares next to Shadoe Stevens.

  8. Channel 3 better than 29? We over in the Shenandoah Valley hardly think so. Channel 3 is a long-standing local joke.

  9. Well, to be fair, even restaurant critics usually give a new restaurant some time after opening before going in and doing a full scale review. So some of the things I’ve noticed with the new female anchor (Stephanie Cornwell?) is perhaps her getting use to the physical desks, etc. and learning to respond to the floor manager, etc.

    And as someone who is hard of hearing, her pronunication is great — I have no trouble understanding her at all. (Not that I had trouble with anyone else but it’s really more pronounced that she can speak clearly and enunicate.)

    I know that TV is a public medium, but let’s not be so harsh and jump on the criticism bandwagon. Would you like to have people critique your work after you’ve been there a short time? In public? I mean, from what I can tell, the criticism is a bit subjective and nothing really concrete has occured. Just another thought.

  10. For those who are not new to the area and have had to suffer through local television news for a while, I think we have built up a right to lament the inadequacy of Channel 29 and their reporters. Sure they get some good ones in every now and then. Melinda Semadeni is a quality reporter for example. But 80% of the NBC 29 News Team is worthless. They appear on camera as if they are still back at the campus-access news studio pretending to break big news.

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