Cattle Russlin’ in Fluvanna

Fluvanna farmer Leroy Herdon is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whomever stole 38 head of cattle from him earlier this month. Fluvanna sheriff‘s deputies say it would have taken several people using three trucks to haul off the cows. There’s no word of a posse being gathered at this time. Reed Williams has the story in the Progress.

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  1. Isn’t cattle russlin’ a hangin’ offense in these parts? Or is that horse stealin’?

  2. not sure, but I am curious to know whether that is fact or legend. Good subject. I will post an askcvillenews thingy.

  3. I’m not going to run this as an “Ask,” but it’s the kind of thing that’s really easily answered by a trip to the library or a Google search. :) (It’s your guess, same as mine, as to what our criteria should be for an “Ask”)

    But to answer your question, yes, the mayor was hung at the jail. To quote from the Cav Daily:

    One September evening in 1904, the ex-mayor and his wife Fanny returned home from a church service. Neighbors spoke and waved to them until they entered the house. Several minutes later he came running back out, claiming an intruder had killed his wife. They found his wife in the bathtub — shot, strangled and beaten.

    The well-respected ex-mayor pled innocent, but three days later he was arrested, and in November a jury found him guilty of the murder. He was sentenced to serve his time in Virginia’s only maximum-security prison, where he carried out his sentence until Feb. 4, 1905, when he became the last man hanged in Charlottesville.

    The “murdering mayor” confessed a few hours before his death. Some say he did it to hide the fact that his lover was the true murderer. But the truth will never be told.

    The old Daily Progresses from then are great. Very sensational.

  4. Actually, my uncle over in the Shenandoah Valley had about 12 calves stolen by an Vietnam vet who transported all 12 in a VW Beetle. (Yes, this part is funny in a way — one would think if you saw someone driving a Beetle with 12 newborn calves in the car, you might think twice, but apparently not.)

    The sad thing is that most of the calves died even after they were recovered and the guy got off by claiming post-traumatic stress syndrome. My comment (and no one in the family appreciated it) was, “What did he think? — that those calves were the Viet Cong and he had a flashback?”

    I suspect that those cattle in Fluvanna are either in someone’s freezer and/or sold at a stock market sale.

  5. I have to ask: why is cattle rustling seen so much as a ‘laughable’ offense? This guy lost over $20,000 dollars of his property. not only that, but i understand that rustlin’ is actually a big time crime operation involving many people, trucks, logistics and some have tied in to the mafia.

    where do you think those new jersey button men get their steaks?? bada bing!

    see even i fall victim. i ask anyone to retort, why is cattle rustlin’ so damn dunny?

    would it be just as funny if this guy lost 20,000 dollars in sheep? or llamas? or is it just cows? where do we draw the line on rustlin humor?

  6. see even i fall victim. i ask anyone to retort, why is cattle rustlin’ so damn dunny?

    I think because it’s such an anachronism to us city-slickers. The whole wild west is funny — again, because it’s such a distant concept, plus because of movies like “Blazing Saddles.” Finally, the idea of stealing 38 cows is just amazing. It’s like hearing about somebody shoplifting a grand piano under their coat or something.

  7. it`a only these tenderfooted easterners who think it`s funny. Out my way we`d hang `em

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