Suspect was Rapping, Not Singing

In Louisa‘s capital murder trial of Russell Adam Pelletier, one of his attorneys — Lloyd Snook — disagrees with the suspect’s friend Shawn Lamb, who claims that Pelletier confessed to the murder the night before the victim’s body was found. Snook says that it was not a confession, but merely freestyle rap about shooting and killing a girl and throwing her body in a lake. The day after the rap/confession, the body of Aimee Marie Meadows was found floating in a lake with a bullet wound to the head. Austin Graham has the story in today’s Progress.

9 thoughts on “Suspect was Rapping, Not Singing”

  1. I can’t believe it! Rapping? Can’t he come up with a better story?! I don’t believe him at all, yo!

  2. I think he should sue Mystikal or somebody — it’s all their fault!

    I guess Lloyd Snook has to play with whatever cards he is dealt with — but really, rap?

    Will those men who murdered the Ky. Sheriff at a fish fry hire Lloyd Snook? They could say that they were merely singing, “I Shot the Sheriff!” instead of bragging about murder.



  3. YO! Snook dog dont be dissn rap. I cant have you perpetrating. You are nothin but a player hater. Hate the murder not the tune.

  4. I did it.

    Do you think I went too far?

    I did it.

    Guilty as charged.

    I did it.

    It was me right or wrong.

    I did it.


  5. Thank you Lafe, I wanted someone else to sing that last line (or rap it!)


  6. I think it’s worth noting that the guy who said this is the head of the Democratic Party, here.

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