5 thoughts on “Six CHS Students Sentenced for UVa Attacks”

  1. Can anybody explain what goes into “detention?” To be “detained” really doesn’t say much. (Though I’m sure that’s a standard term that means something to people that know what they’re talking about. :)

  2. Hmmm… Looks like we have an opportunity here for a lengthy debate on the definition of “prisoners” versus “detainees”.

  3. it’s good to know that if i brutally attacked people 5 different times it would all be behind me after less than 2 months in jail. it’s nice to know that if i give a guy a concussion for 2 weeks, another guy a messed up eye so he has to get surgery, and take away people’s security, i’ll only be under house arrest for 6 months. it’s nice that if i say i’m sorry it makes me seem so good that my sentence is short. they are sorry- sorry they got caught. if not, they would have kept doing this who knows how long. oh, and vernon howard’s apology in court was no apology- it was “i’m sorry IF i hurt anyone.” i guess it’s a question if you really hurt someone when you give them a concussion or messed up eye. it’s good to know that the attackers were not punished b/c they had dreams of going to college. wouldn’t want to serve justice and stand the chance of letting their actions actually have consequence in their life.

  4. Both Candace Merrick, the ringleader who led five of the attacks, and Vernon Howard the attacker who beat up and injured several people and then got house arrest should have been tried as adults.

    Gordon Fields who was at one of the attacks was tried as an adult after he plea bargained away a felony charge and he is going to jail for two weeks. He did far less than Howard but he’s still going to do some jail time.

    The slap on the wrist that Howard got was also a slap in the face to the victims. I know that one of the victims has been having recurring nightmares and been under a lot of fear caused stress. That victim now feels even worse because they have been abandoned by the justice system.

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