Millmont Center Reopens

After being cited with 91 human rights and licensing violations in April, the Millmont Center mental health facility had a grand re-opening yesterday with their new name, The Brown Schools of Virginia. The school is proud that they haven’t been cited with a single human rights violation in three months. Said the company’s CEO, “a name change is a good way to visibly signal a fresh start.” Claudia Pinto has the story in today’s Progress.

7 thoughts on “Millmont Center Reopens”

  1. This reminds me of “Altria”… like, if we don’t see “Philip Morris”, we won’t realize they’re selling cancer.

    I hope the Millmont Center has cleaned up their act, because their services are important and needed by the community, but I don’t like them hiding behind a new name. If they do the job, their reputation will clear itself up.

  2. Wow, this site has been *dead* all weekend. Not a story, not a comment, no mention even that the Lewis Mountain people have retained a lawyer!

  3. No moderation either (posts seem to have a score of 0).

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  4. could we have any topic? Perhaps the World cup!

    for example:

    Are you going to watch USA play tommorrow at 5am?

    UVa players on the squad: too few or too many?

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    Any of these would give us something to talk about.

  5. yeah Waldo, your site is really starting to suck. Think I’ll start my own….

  6. yeah Waldo, your site is really starting to suck. Think I’ll start my own….

    You do that. :) But first you’ll have to arrange for some news to happen — all that’s been going on in town is people talking a lot but not doing much.

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