Richards Wins Congressional Nomination

At today’s 5th District Democratic nominating convention, City Councilor Meredith Richards was given the Democratic nomination for Congress by an overwhelming majority. Her opponent for the nomination was George Shropshire, of Cambell County. Richards intends to start campaigning immediately in hopes of unseating Democrat-turned-Republican Virgil Goode in November’s election.

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  1. The most interesting thing about Richard’s nomination is the fall-out on the next Democratic slate of nominees for city council. After the Democrats for Change practically stood on their heads to try and keep her off the ballot last time, I wonder who they’ll go after to replace her? Will they stick by Alexandria Searls now? By the same token, other (dare I say more common sense Democrats) better start looking hard for good candidates as well. Divisions within the party are already unpleasant – this could make things a lot worse.

  2. The most interesting thing about Richard’s nomination is the fall-out on

    the next Democratic slate of nominees for city council.

    Wait — the election is in November, isn’t it? What does that have to do with the City Council? Has Meredith resigned from the council to run? I can’t imagine why she would, since she’s certain to lose to Goode.

    Your post makes me think I’m misunderstanding the scheduling of everything, since what I assumed would happen is this: Richards runs for Congress, Richards loses, Richards retakes seat on council, etc. …

    Nominating Searls for anything ever again would be borderline suicidal for the party, by the way.

  3. Actually, the most interesting thing about her nomination is the fact that if she can raise $150K by August she’s got a solid chance to take Goode out. If she can show strong support by mid summer, it’s likely that the DNC and a number of other PACS will come to her aid to make sure the Democratic and moderate Republican voters come out to support her.

    She’s a right strong candidate for the 5th, but more than that, Goode’s really been rotten for the district. He knew when he came in to office that Southern VA was going to be hit by the double wammy of Globalization (NAFTA) and Tobacco’s fall. He simply hasn’t developed the economy. Meanwhile, Warner’s been in office for 4 months. Warner’s created thousands of jobs and has his Economic Emergency Task Force is in place doing the development work Goode should have been doing for the last 6 years.

    Meredith will be a great ally for Warner in Congress.

    This is a Democratic district. Warner carried it by a handy margin, LF carried it twice, Goode carried it as a Democrat 2x. In C’ville we’ve seen what happens when political machines get complacent. The Republicans feel pretty confident about their position with Goode. This congressional election, like our council election, could go to the one who works hardest. Anyone who’s watched Meredith on Council knows that hard work is her forte.

  4. Let’s not the cart before the horse. Richards will probably win the city and that would be it. She will get killed down south where voting for someone named Goode is a fall tradition. There is NO way she could win a race in this district. Unless she her body has been taken over by Emily Couric, she’s not got the gravitas to win this race. Nice lady but the bodies of past Goode foes litter the battlefield. I fail to see why she should escape the same fate.

  5. As someone relatively new to city politics, I don’t know the background on why so many people think Goode is a shoe-in. Can someone give me a primer? And how big is our district, where else does it include?

  6. this district also use to go for Goode with HUGE numbers. This district elected Bush and Kilgore. I fail to see any reason for your sense of hope. Incumbents are favored to win 95% of the time in Congress.

  7. The nice lady hasn’t a prayer. She’s little more than cannon fodder in this race. If she’s the best the Democratic party has to offer, ol’ Virgil will be able to hold onto this district as long as he so desires.

    Seriously, he can literally phone this one in. It doesn’t matter how much $ Richards manages to raise – this seat is invulnerable for the Republicans, and the national parties knows that. There will be no significant party funds forthcoming on either side, because it would make zero difference.

  8. (1) Even within the Democratic Party, there is widespread speculation that Meredith is just running to get her name out there & build party support for a future run for another office (most likely Mitch Van Yahres’ seat). Richards vs. Toscano, it will be a beautiful match-up.

    (2) In answer to your earlier question, I cannot imagine that either the Dems for Change or the regular City Democrats will be supporting Alex Searls for office again. Very nice woman, not ready for prime time, never will be. Plus, if there’s one lesson to be learned from Rob Schilling’s victory, it’s that the electorate was ready for a change. Schilling ran as the candidate of change, and won the open seat in a heavily Democratic city. Searls ran as…well, who knows. But by putting some arm’s length between herself and the Dems for Change early in the nomination process, she basically allied herself with the status quo Democrats, and failed to come across in the general election as anything but a status quo Democrat. Which is too bad because she had some good ideas. Unfortuantely though they were not Blake’s ideas so she ended up pushing “a community-wide conversation on education” and “an arts trail.” Not exactly issues that are going to get you votes among a restless electorate. Ironically the Dems for Change are now well-positioned for 2004 because they remain untainted by Snook and the status quo Dems and can easily steal away Schilling’s base by running some dynamic, change-oriented candidates for office.

  9. I have to assume that this is not actually a response from Alex Searls. If it isn’t, shouldn’t it be deleted? If it is, what the heck?!?!

  10. Has everyone forgotten that Meredith Richards came in LAST place at the Democratic Convention that chose Creigh Deeds as Emily Couric’s successor? What makes the Democrats feel that she is going to be a good candidate against Virgil Goode?

  11. I have to assume that this is not actually a response from Alex Searls. If it isn’t, shouldn’t it be deleted? If it is, what the heck?!?!

    It’s not Alex. It’s the same lousy troll from UVa that has been posting for the last few days. I’m thinking of temporarily banning all dial-up users at UVa, particularly now that school’s out, just until he (it’s always a male) gets bored.

    I don’t delete posts like that — I just moderate them down to -1. Users only see posts from 0-5 by default unless they set -1 as their minimum threshhold in their preferences. (You can also set to entirely ignore scoring, if you like.) So by setting something at -1, those that have chosen to ignore trolls like that don’t have to be subjected to them.

  12. I have a feeling that in this case “good candidate” means somebody who is willing to run for the office and has local delegates who show up at the nominating meeting.

  13. The anonymous poster who said Richards finished last in the nomination battle won by Sen. Creigh Deeds is a little off the mark. She finished third behind Deeds and Nancy O’Brien but ahead of Nelson County wine-maker Al Weed.

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