Richards Running for Congress

As expected, City Councilor Meredith Richards has thrown her hat into the ring for the 5th District race. She filed the paperwork yesterday to seek the Democratic nomination. Her opponent for the nomination is George D. Shropshire III, a Campbell County truck driver and Teamster. The winner of that nominating convention will be pitted against newly-Republican incumbent Virgil Goode, of Rocky Mount. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “Richards Running for Congress”

  1. Running a Democrat against newly minted Republican Virgil Goode for Congress is about like running a Republican for the all-Democratic City Council in Charlottesville.

    It’s a good thing and promotes better public policy through more discussion of issues, but it probably won’t work in terms of electing somebody new.

    Democrats run the show in Charlottesville because there are more of them and because Republicans haven’t put up substantial oppostion (like two strong candidates running as a team) very often.

    Virgil Goode won as a Democrat, won as an independent and the Republicans love him, not to mention plenty of other folks.

    Meredith has her work cut out for her.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that between the two posts, only 10 people have a comment? And this supposedly is her stronghold area. An optimist would say that this is good; no one is writing and complaining about her at least.

  3. Courics’s seat, Goode’s seat, next I hear it’s van Yahre’s seat. The woman hasn’t met a political office she doesn’t want (except for the one she already has, apparently).

    Why is she on City Council if every two minutes she’s running for something else? Doesn’t anybody else think this is odd? Time to vote her out (next time) and let her campaign full time for any seat in any locality that will have her.

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