Richards vs. Goode?

City Councilor Meredith Richards is considering running against newly-Republican 5th District Rep. Virgil Goode, of Rocky Mount. Goode, who has served three terms in Congress, is widely seen as virtually unbeatable, but Democrats are going to select a nominee on May 18th, and Richards might just be it. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

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  1. Does anyone remember Kay Slaughter’s abortive run for Congress? I think it would look a lot like that. Personally I don’t think very seriously about Meredith Richards’ ability to govern. (Feel free to tell us how I’m wrong and cite examples.) The only thing going for her is that SOME people are still angry at Virgil Goode (and I think that they are right to be but that’s another discussion). But Goode’s homebase in Southside Virginia will probably support him unconditionally unless he did something so outrageous like (I dunno) for vote for free sex in high schools. He’s pretty bulletproof.

    The other good thing going for her vs. Kay Slaughter is that I don’t think Virgil Goode is a vicious campaigned as George Allen is and would not use smear tactics. OTOH, he is a Republican now and would probably go along with PACs running ads with fake pictures of her and Osama Bin Laden.

    As Lily Tomlin said (I believe), “Just when you think you’re cynical, you’re not cynical enough.”

    Oh, and if you want to call me names like leftie or rightie, I’m really neither. “Independent but never neutral”


  2. Well said. The story does point to Maurice Cox becoming Charlottesville’s next (third, I think) black mayor in early July.

    What does anyone think of Cox as mayor?

  3. Code of Charlottesville, Sec. 2-46. Disqualification of members for certain offices.

    No member of the city council shall be eligible, during his tenure of office or for one (1) year thereafter, to any office for which compensation is paid to be filled by the city council either by election or appointment.

    (Code 1976, 2-13)

  4. Okay, so Meredith is disqualified from being an employee of the city -so what? I don’t think she wants to be city engineer or city manager, anyway.

  5. … for which compensation is paid to be filled by the city council either

    by election or appointment.

    Oooh, wait just a minute — she can’t be on the BAR or the Planning Commission, either. Curses! Her plans are foiled!

    I see where you’re going with this, Original Poster. Follow the money.

    — Detective Gomez

  6. No big deal, either way. The mayor of Charlottesville has no real power, other than to set meeting agendas.

    However, this whole “it’s his turn to be mayor” thing reeks of bad juju. Direct election of the mayor is a good idea – is it better for everybody in town to choose, or just a majority of 3 councillors?

  7. As it stands, the powers of the Mayor in Charlottesville seem to be closer to those of a Chairman of the City Council, than those of a Mayor. It makes sense for the Council to elect their own leader, much as the House of Representatives, for example, choose their own Speaker. Actually, it might be appropriate to change the title from Mayor to Chairman.

    At the same time, it might be a good idea to have a public discussion as to the value of changing the powers of the office, so that there really would be a Mayor, with authority beyond that of leading the Council. In that case, direct election would seem to make sense.

    Harry Landers

  8. That’s very correct, and I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. You’re right – the “mayor” really is more of a chairman, and as such should be chosen by the group he or she chairs. I also agree that the title might be better if changed accordingly, or the office duties changed.

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