Keswickians Opposed to Winery

A Keswick couple looking to create a winery is getting some heat from their neighbors. Albert and Cindy Schornberg want to build a boutique vineyard and winery on their 53 acres, making 120,000 bottles each year. But the idea hasn’t gone over so well — their neighbors are contesting the plan, and the ABC is holding a hearing next Friday. WINA has the story.

6 thoughts on “Keswickians Opposed to Winery”

  1. I don’t like the idea of a winery in Keswick either, I think they oughta put up one of them nice chemical plants there like they have over in Hopewell…

  2. And if they can’t get that how about a nice natural Gas power plant, or nuclear! yeah they need a nuclear power plant in Keswick. Keep those golf courses green year round!

  3. I laughed out loud when reading the Progress last week, which quoted one of the residents complaining about how “ugly” a vineyard would be across the street from her house. Maybe she can get some cheese with that whine.

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