Rash of Bomb Threats Continues

Ben writes: I’ve been told by the professor of a class I would’ve had an exam in today that there has been yet another bomb threat on New Cabell Hall. This is just getting ridiculous. Like previous bomb threats, this potentially means that classes in New Cabell as well as surrounding buildings (Old Cabell, possibly Rouss hall, but not Cocke, it seems) have been canceled. Someone really wanted their Spring break early.

4 thoughts on “Rash of Bomb Threats Continues”

  1. Oh yeah, it seems the John McCutcheon really does have a benefit concert for Live Arts tonight. If you happen to have tickets, I wouldn’t worry about missing it. The last two times there were threats on Cabell, they were through early enough for the afternoon to evening classes.


  2. I guess I should stop putting stuff up about this on cvillenews.com. At a bomb threat a day, it’s just a bit silly now. I suppose I’ll just mention particularly interesting or menacing bomb threats, or maybe put up a “bomb threats this week” summary every Friday or something.

  3. Oh, well that’s just great. My post doesn’t get modded up, but Ben’s rehash does. :)

    -1: Conflict of Interest

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