School Kids Are Armed?

In this week’s Hook (admittedly, the issue came out last Thursday), they report the results of the annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which is conducted among Albemarle middle and high school students. The most shocking figure in the survey is that 237 students reported carrying a weapon to school in 2000, which is 100 more than in 1999. The good news is that, reportedly, a lot of kids may be lying. Lisa Provence has the story.

10 thoughts on “School Kids Are Armed?”

  1. could it be that since 9-11 that the meaning of

    ‘weapon” is changed. fingernail clips for example

  2. I’m always armed. I have a right one and a left one. And they can both be used as weapons.

    I think the more interesting metric is the attempted suicides. I think another interesting metric that I didn’t see would be school violence (number of fights, etc).

  3. The good news is that, reportedly, a lot of kids may be lying.

    The bad news is that some of them lied about carrying weapons, and some of them lied about not carrying weapons.

  4. I have to wonder what the BAR is going to have to say about that rather contemporary design. Sure isn’t a good fit Downtown.

  5. Well, I imagine it would make sense if I had placed my original comment under the proper subject. Oops!

  6. First off, it should be reinforced the events of 9-11 have nil to do with this, as the survey dates are from two and three years ago.

    I think studies like this are interesting if you also think about them as parallel studies of what’s changed in what kids find funny- because that’s probably where they were coming from when they answered the survey.

    The decidedly less-funny-all-the-time subject of weapons in school is something that has always been a joke in school, at work etc.. a particularly horrific event like columbine will provide a few weeks where only the kids who really want the attention will make a crack about weapons, but “peacetime” surveys on the subject don’t seem like they could be the least bit trustworthy.

    I’d like to see two surveys about who would consider calling in bomb threats at school, taken last august and last october.

  7. Its easy to write off schoolkids with firearms as unrealistic. But the reality is everyone is REQUIRED to go to school by law. This means that every psychopath, nutjob, and loose nut in society is in a high school somewhere at some point.

    My few short years in school involved a lot more serious threats on my life with deadly weapons than my adult life has. Get a clue people, perhaps we should allow those who are anti-social to stay that way, and opt out of education, which would only make them more efficient criminals anyway.

  8. And while we’re at it, why not give them their own island?

    (I guess this is the reason for the “threshold” feature)

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