4 thoughts on “UVa Unionizes”

  1. I have to say that I was surprised that they got 50 people there. I had told a friend of mine that they could probably hold that meeting in a phone booth. (Given Virginia’s hostility to unions in general and that the rules against state employees unions) So it was a happy surprise.

    The question is, “Will a union be able to address the UVA issues?” Who knows? It might be better than the Virginia Governmental Association. I’m a state employee who has worked in both the state capitol and other places and no one from the VGA has ever contacted me or distributed any kind of information about why I should join.

  2. I thought they had lots of rights already, certainly more than in private industry. I can’t imagine how this union has a chance based on Va law.

  3. My understanding is they can’t collectively bargain, nor can they strike. I also understand they can’t compel union membership as a condition of employment. If they strike, I believe, they can and damn well should be fired (remember PATCO?). They can, however, make noise, and the University doesn’t like noise.

    But, yeah, I agree – University employees have better benefits than most private industry. Doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to ask for more, however.

  4. I just realized many might not remember PATCO – the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization. They went on stirke, and Reagan fired them. A lot of people complained loudly that planes would start falling out of the sky because of it, but air traffic safety didn’t suffer, and as far as I know that was the last time a union representing Federal employees went on strike.

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